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The Center for Early Childhood Education

At our facility, we strive to create a special atmosphere that is both innovative and nurturing for children. Our goal is to help each child develop their own sense of independence, confidence, and a positive outlook on themselves and the world around them.

To achieve this, we have carefully designed a curriculum that involves children in a wide range of experiences. These experiences are meant to enhance their language skills, promote literacy, encourage musical and physical movement, develop artistic creativity, and help with socialization.


The vision of A&B Nursery preschool is to create a warm and welcoming environment that nurtures the development of young children. We strive to provide an enriching educational experience that fosters a love of learning and encourages each child to reach their full potential.

  • Child-centered approach: We place the child at the center of our educational philosophy, recognizing that each child is unique and has their own individual learning style, interests, and abilities.
  • Nurturing environment: We believe that a nurturing environment is essential for the well-being and development of young children.
  • Holistic learning: We recognize that children learn best through a holistic approach that incorporates a range of experiences and activities, including play-based learning, music, art, and outdoor exploration.
  • Partnership with families: We believe that families are the primary educators of their children, and we aim to build strong partnerships with families to support their child’s learning and development.
  • Professional excellence: We are committed to maintaining a high standard of professional excellence, ensuring that our teachers are highly trained and qualified to provide the best possible educational experience for young children.

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